Our Essentials course is ideal if you want to improve your work with GSRD clients but don't plan to build a specialist practice. You'll study some of the same theory modules as our Diploma students, but in your own time and with no deadline imposed for submitting assignments or attending any webinars. You will have access to the course for two years from date of purchase.

So you have plenty of lived experience as a member of the LGBTIQA+ communities, and you’ve qualified or are in the final stages of training as a therapist. But you know there are many identities and sections of our gender, sex and a relationship-diverse world you know nothing about. Heck, you may even know very little about the breadth and depth of your own community and that there may be so much intersectional differences within your own community that the journey of others is vastly different to yours.

Questions like "what if I meet a client when I’m out having fun? Should I be open about my own sexuality/gender journey with my clients?" will be addressed in a module written just for you. How can I help others to work on their shame and how to recognise when it's safe and when it’s not to come out? You will also study an important module on how to ethically work with requests for conversion therapy in line with the requirements of all major UK therapy professional bodies and the NHS.

This bundle of our core modules is ideal for GSRD-identified therapists who want to fill in the gaps in their knowledge about how to develop greater cultural sensitivity working with gender, sex and relationship-diverse clients and to understand more about the core theoretical concepts and the latest research into mental health. These modules are the same as our Diploma students study. They will give you greater confidence and insight into GSRD Therapy and some of the common underlying tensions facing clients from the LGBTIQA+ communities.

It’s the ideal choice if you have considered doing our one-year course but can’t commit to the intensity or afford the cost of our one-year diploma training.

You will have seven assignments to complete in your own time - but over the next two years. We time-limit these modules as our knowledge is frequently being updated and they are often being revised and updated, so you can be sure these are our latest thinking.

Choose this great value bundle and complete all Tutor-marked Assignments for each module to receive a Certificate of Study in Essentials in GSRD Therapy for GSRD Clinicians.

You’ll save £300 on the price of purchasing these modules separately.

The following seven modules are included:

  1. Defining GSRD Therapy
  2. Therapist Disclosure of Sexual Orientation
  3. Living & Working in the Same Communities
  4. Intersectionality
  5. Coming Out
  6. Shame & Internalised Oppression
  7. Working with Sexuality and Gender Conflicts

Student Testimonial: I really enjoyed studying some CPD modules at Pink Therapy. I took the essentials bundle (great value) to fill in gaps in my GSRD knowledge and found the courses very well written and thought-provoking. I left feeling much more knowledgeable and confident working with a broader range of GSRD clients. - Paul M. October 2023

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