Therapist disclosure of sexual orientation (TDSO) is a highly debated topic in GSRD therapy. As a Counsellor, Therapist or Mental Health Professional with a minority sexual identity you may have concerns about how you will be received by clients, colleagues, within organisations or training settings and whether disclosure puts you at risk of prejudice or oppression. You may have questioned whether disclosure of your sexual orientation would compromise your therapeutic modality or feel unsure about how disclosure sits within the legal and ethical frameworks that underpin professional practice.

Our online-learning Therapist Disclosure of Sexual Orientation module draws upon the latest research and clinical opinion to offer you a clear picture of the issues for both therapist and client. The module will support you to develop a congruent approach to disclosure within your own clinical practice, leaving you feeling confident about delivering effective therapy to clients without compromising your own identity and well-being.

This 15-hour CPD module offers you the opportunity to:

  • understand the risks, concerns and ethical issues and implications for both therapist and client related to therapist disclosure of sexual orientation
  • explore research and clinical thinking about methods, reasons and types of therapist disclosure of sexual orientation
  • consider reasons why therapists may not disclose their sexual orientation to clients and the implications of this in terms of the costs of concealment
  • relate research and clinical thinking on therapist disclosure of sexual orientation to your own personal experiences

You will receive a Certificate of Study worth 15 hours CPD credit from Pink Therapy if you submit and pass a tutor-marked assignment.

About the Author:

Dominic Davies is the Founder and CEO of Pink Therapy. He has worked as a psychotherapist, clinical sexologist and practice consultant for almost 40 years.

Over the years Dominic has received a number of honours and awards for his pioneering work in the field of gender and sexuality. In 2015 he received the Practitioner award from the Sexualities Section of the British Psychological Society. He is the only non-psychologist to ever receive this award.

In 2016 he was made a Fellow of the National Counselling Society and in 2018 Dominic received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Sexual Freedom.

Dominic has also been made a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists. Fellowship is the highest level of membership for these professional bodies.

In 2021 Dominic was named as one of 50 Distinguished Gender and Sexual Health Revolutionaries

Dominic (with Charles Neal) co-edited three of the first British textbooks on working with LGBT clients published in 1996 and 2000, contributed numerous other papers and chapters to the literature of this emerging field, and presented at many national and international conferences. After a 21 year hiatus, he is currently co-editing (with Silva Neves) two more Pink Therapy textbooks aimed at GSRD therapists and Sex & Relationship Therapists in Europe.

He has been referred to as one of the grandparents of Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity Therapy in the UK and Europe.

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