Suicide and self-harm are significantly elevated amongst GSRD populations when compared to their cisgender, heterosexual peers. Anything from 20% to 80% of GSRD clients express suicidal feelings and many attempt to take their lives. 

Working with suicidal and self-harming clients can make extraordinary demands on us as therapists and the need for good self-care and external support is essential.

Therapists working with GSRD clients need to be familiar with the current research and know how to help our suicidal clients and reduce the risk of suicide.

This 15-hour CPD module offers you the opportunity to explore and gain:

  • Improved practitioner self-care.
  • Knowledge of terminology.
  • Understanding of the myths surrounding suicide.
  • An appreciation of the factors that lead to suicidal thoughts are different to those associated with suicidal acts. 
  • An understanding of protective and risk factors.
  • Safety planning.

You can gain the CPD Certificate of Study issued by Pink Therapy by submitting and passing a tutor-marked assignment.

About the Author:

Claire Stringer is a qualified Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist.

Claire works in private practice and specialises in working with both GSRD clients and individuals who are at risk of or have been convicted of sexual and/or violent offences.

"I became interested in the topic of suicide because I noticed that when my clients were first arrested and leading up to their court case, many of them became more vulnerable to self-harm and suicidal thoughts/acts. I felt very supported by my supervisor and I wanted to share with you how it important it is to look after yourself and to encourage you to feel more confident in helping people who are feeling suicidal."

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