Working with young people has its own challenges and considerations, and working with GSRD youth is a unique experience. Evolving language and identities, alongside contentious media coverage of gender expansive young people, mean this module is relevant to all practitioners working in this field and with this client group.

Touching on some of the most current issues around transition, conversion practices, and how young people are identifying, this module provides a solid introduction to many of the issues GSRD youth are facing and bringing to therapy. Much of the reading provides in-depth insight into the day-to-day experiences of young people navigating their identity.

This 15 hour CPD module offers you the opportunity:

  • To improve knowledge and awareness of experiences of GSRD youth. 
  • To build practitioner competence and confidence. 
  • To encourage a person-centred, empowering approach to working with young people. 

By the end of this module, you will be able to…

  • Engage in self-reflection around own knowledge levels, beliefs, and biases. 
  • Understand unique challenges and experiences faced by GSRD young people. 
  • Have an awareness of some current issues and emerging identities. 
  • Understand some of the specific challenges facing trans and non-binary young people. 

You can gain the 15-hour CPD Certificate of Study issued by Pink Therapy by submitting and passing a tutor-marked assignment.

About the Author:

Cat Johnston is a Person-Centred Therapist who has been working with GSRD Youth since qualifying from their Post-Graduate Diploma in 2014. They have experience of working with young people in different roles including as a therapist, youth worker, school counsellor, and as both a counsellor and supervisor in helpline services. Cat is the co-founder of Kaleidoscope Counselling Scotland, an accessible service for GSRD young people.

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