With the growing levels of diversity showing up in our therapy rooms, our clients often have to educate their therapists about their own diversities. 

One such diversity is that of relationships. Nowadays, we see the myriad variations of 'open relationships' coming to therapy so that rather than 'couples counselling,' it's transforming into a broader sense of 'relationship therapy'. 

This course will educate and equip you to offer therapy to these clients with an open, non-judgemental mind and help you examine your unconscious biases around the subject. You'll be surprised at just how much there is to know about non-monogamy regarding language, attitudes, ideologies, negotiations and strategies. Open relationships are only one form of consensual and ethical non-monogamy. There are many others; polyamory, 'v', parallel, RA [relationship anarchy] and more. We hope you'll be better equipped to work with this client group upon completing this course.

This is a 15-hour CPD module. You can gain the CPD Certificate of Study issued by Pink Therapy by submitting and passing a tutor-marked assignment.

Aims & Objectives of this module:

  • To understand the myriad diversity of non-monogamous relationship types
  • To learn some of the more common and established CNM language and jargon
  • To recognise common presenting issues in therapy for CNM clients
  • To explore (our own and) the systemic, structural, cultural and familial biases and beliefs, which can lead to discrimination and pathologising of these clients in therapy
  • To consider practical implications within ‘relationship therapy’ such as length of sessions, who needs to attend, etc.

About the Author:

DK Green is a psychotherapist and supervisor. Advanced Accredited, Advanced Trainer-Trained and an Associate Lecturer and keynote speaker for Pink Therapy and their Annual Conference. He serves the GSRD (Gender, Sex, Relationship Diversities) communities that he co-inhabits. Founding member of polycounselling.co.uk, annual speaker at Polyday, and quoted in many publications.

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