Autism, gender and sexuality is an intersection that is being discussed more in communities, research, conferences and (often in a more derogatory way) in the press. We are aware that Autistic people are much more likely (than non-autistic people) to have diverse sexuality, gender identities and/or relationship styles but more often than not services are set up to either support GSRD people or Autistic people, not both!

This module covers the intersections of these identities, tackles some of the misinformation that has been prevalent in some areas of society, includes some of the challenges (and protective factors) that GSRD Autistic people might face, and offers an insight into how to adapt your practice to work with GSRD Autistic people.

Aims of this Module:

  • To raise awareness of some of the challenges that Autistic GSRD people might face. 
  • To build therapists' competence and confidence when working with Autistic GSRD people. 
  • To enable therapists to consider how they may adapt their practice to be accessible and inclusive to Autistic GSRD people. 

Learning Objectives:  

  • An understanding of some of the challenges of being Autistic and GSRD.
  • An understanding of some of the barriers to care and support.
  • An understanding of the protective factors for Autistic GSRD people.
  • An understanding of the therapeutic considerations and how to adapt therapeutic practice when working with Autistic GSRD people. 

You can gain the 15-hour CPD Certificate of Study issued by Pink Therapy by submitting and passing a tutor-marked assignment.

About the Author:

Rebecca Bow has worked with Autistic adults for 14 years and currently works as a Senior Student Wellbeing Adviser and Counsellor in a Higher Education setting, specialising in working with GSRD and Autistic students. Rebecca has co-led an award winning ‘Summer School’ at Birmingham City University for many years, an event that aims to support Autistic students with the transition to university, as well as leading monthly groups to support Autistic students to stay connected.

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