Asexuality is sometimes known as the invisible orientation; many therapists are unaware of it and as a result, are under-prepared for meeting asexual clients. Our hope is that on completing this module you will be able to approach all your client work better prepared for the possibility that one or more of your clients may be on the asexual spectrum, may not even know that themselves, and that you will be able to relate to them in a more supportive and inclusive way.


  • To raise awareness of asexuality, aphobia, and the unique challenges those on the ace spectrum may face.
  • To engage with some of the research and information available, and some of the current thinking around asexuality, particularly as it relates to client work.

Objectives - by the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Understand and articulate some key concepts and definitions around asexuality, such as the split attraction model and compulsory sexuality.
  • Understand the position of asexuality being a minority identity within a minority, and the potential implications for asexual clients.
  • Self-reflect on your own internalised attitudes and beliefs around asexuality, particularly as they may affect client work.
  • Understand some of the key issues that may bring asexual clients to therapy, and those which may keep them away from therapy.
  • Empathically appreciate the particular nuances of internalised aphobia asexual clients may experience.
  • Understand and work with consent as it applies to asexual people in relationships.
  • Understand and be able to avoid the possibility of colluding with conversion practices with asexual clients.

This is a 15-hour CPD module. You can gain the CPD Certificate of Study issued by Pink Therapy by submitting and passing a tutor-marked assignment.

About the Author:

Jo Russell is a senior accredited psychotherapist (NCS) in private practice in Glasgow, working principally with clients of diverse gender, sex and relationship styles.

A therapist since 2004, Jo has previously worked as a music teacher and a missionary, and has extensive experience in training and working with groups. She has an MSc in Counselling Studies (Advanced Practice) from Edinburgh University, is a graduate of the Pink Therapy Post-Graduate Diploma, an Advanced Accredited Sexual Diversity Therapist (Pink Therapy) and a Clinical Associate of Pink Therapy. Jo is asexual.

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